Downsizing my Time Warner Bill

On September 16, 2008, in Technology, Vendors, by Mike Waldron

In my recent effort to reduce expenses at the Waldron compound, I took it upon myself to call Time Warner to see if it was worth downgrading my services. I was contemplating changing my Road Runner service from Standard to Basic (-$10) and removing a secondary cable box in my bedroom (-$10).

What I have with TW Cable:

  • Living Room HD DVR box
  • Bedroom HD Cable box
  • HBO, Cinemax and HD NET
  • Road Runner Standard

After talking to the customer service rep, he took about 5 minutes dissecting my bill to see if I could save money with my current subscriptions. Turns out he was able to bundle the services for a year with a savings of $25/month. On top of that they gave me a free HD DVR to replace my bedroom box. Not bad for a 20 minute phone call.

Moral of the story: Call Time Warner at least every 6-12 months to make sure you aren’t getting screwed.

UPDATE: 10/2010:  I’ve moved to DISH network after TWC refused to cut our bills down.  We actually have more stuff for less with DISH and are quite happy.  Funny, because when I went to remove the TV services and give back the cable box in the local office, the nice lady discounted my cable-Internet at $30/yr for a year!

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