I’ve been experimenting with an Avaya IP Office Small Office Edition (4T, 8A, 3 VOIP) in preparation for rolling a few out to clients in the next couple of months.  I finally got around to hooking up my Vonage V-Portal to the IPO and was excited to start testing.

To my chagrin, there was really serious local echo (hear myself talking) on my 4620 IP phone when using either of my two Vonage channels.  This ECHO issues was isolated to external calls on the Vonage device.  I spent 3 hours experimenting in the Avaya Manager on both the VoIP extension forms and the Trunk configurations trying to fix it to no avail.  Sometimes the echo would eventually cancel out if you were on the phone long enough, but there was definitely something very wrong with my configuration.

I was Googling and found a forum post mentioning something about the impedance on the line being a possible cause for Echo on analog lines in an IPO environment.  So I tried each of the Impedance settings and sure enough the Impedance setting “Alternative 2” fixed the echo 99%. Other’s mentioned this change fixing POTS lines too.  Who knows, maybe it applies to more VoIP ATAs as well.  Keep me posted in the comments.


I also found that disabling HANDSET/HEADSET AGC (Auto Gain Control in the system menu) helps eliminate  voice clipping in conjunction with the V-Portal.


I gave up trying to use a V-PORTAL with my IPO.  The call quality wasn’t very good, with lots of clipping.  I don’t know if this is a Vonage issue or something to do with IPO talking to Vonage.  I ended up moving my lines to a SIP trunk with Vitelity.  I will post a blog entry detailing how I got that working (easy) soon.

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