Geovision iPhone Live View Connection Failed – FIXED!

On September 3, 2009, in Technology, by Mike Waldron

All bummed out because your Geovision iPhone app’s Live View feature just tells you “Connection Failed” or actually “Conneciton Failed” when you try to connect?  I’ll bet you probably have RPB working, but just can’t figure out why Live View refuses to work!

You’ve come to the right place my friend.  Here’s your fix (good luck finding this elsewhere!):

  1. Forward the following ports from your firewall to your Geovision Server: 80/TCP (not pictured below), 4550/TCP, 5550/TCP, 5511/TCP, 8866/TCP.

    Picture 7
    The manuals fail to mention that without the control ports forwarded 4550/5550 the Live View will NOT WORK!!!!

  2. Make sure in your Geovision Web Server Setup the following screens look identical to mine pictured below.
    Picture 2

    General Tab

    Picture 3

    Server Tab

    Picture 4

    3GPP Tab

    Picture 6

    Mobile Tab


    Picture 5

    JPG Tab

  3. Now on the iPhone app itself enter your info IDENTICALLY to what’s below (except of course your IP, username and password.  Note the username IS NOT case-sensitive.


  4. Lastly to improve the video quality (this will make no sense and is totally counterintuitive), click on “image setting” and set Image “Normal Quality” to “Off”.  It should read “Low-bandwidth Image Quality” or something that makes

Hooray, it works!!  But I already knew that 😉


Per nick’s comment, if you are receiving an “invalid IP/password” try completely rebooting your Geovision system before troubleshooting further.  Thanks nick!

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106 Responses to Geovision iPhone Live View Connection Failed – FIXED!

  1. jD says:

    I have followed and verified all the steps for the setup to have gv-iview to work properly. Unfortunately, I am still getting the message “invalid Ip/password”
    Rpb is working fine

    All ports are open and can access dvr remotely through dmmultiview

  2. Tony says:

    I’m having the same problem as jD.
    I can connect perfectly from any computer on the net via DMMultiview.
    But not from my Iphone. always giving me “invalid Ip/password”

    any solution please ?

  3. Tony says:

    Hey i got it.
    the solution was to update my Geovision software. I had the 8.12 and it wasn’t working, i simply updated to 8.34 and it working perfectly.

    Thank you for the great help

  4. Paul Carlin says:

    Just some tips that may help others:

    1) Forward port 80 in addition to the others.
    2) Don’t increase the JPEG Quality slider above 25.
    3) If you can connect using a local IP, but not a remote IP (outside world IP), your ISP may be blocking your ability to connect to yourself. Sounds dumb, but may be an issue. Disable WiFi on your iPhone and try again using 3G.

    • mike says:

      At my office using the company WiFi the only way to get in is with the internal IP address of the NVR. If I turn WiFi off, and use LTE, then I can get in using the External IP address.

      Thanks for that tip… I had followed all the other instructions, that was the last missing piece.

  5. geobot says:

    I have been using the iview program for over a year now and it works great, but yesterday I noticed that my iphone 4 running iview 2.0 will not connect to live view or rpb view on 3g, it works fine over wifi but not 3g. all other internet traffic is working fine on the phone. Any suggestions?

  6. maurice says:

    i got the same problem as geobot, i can view the RPBview,
    but not the live view, not even on the internal network,
    am using verion 8.2, all works great, except the iview2.0 on an iphone4, this has to be bug with geovision iview2.0, we might have to wait for a new version,

  7. jd says:

    How do you get the latest upgrade for geovision?

    The Geovision site is requesting the packageing upc barcode which I no longer have with me.

  8. BP says:

    thanks, instructions worked great. version 8.3.4 and i-view 2.0

  9. reza says:

    hi i have problem in my i phone when i m trying to conect live view dose not play but rpb is working
    i set up everithing ok
    i can c form online from my pc not a problem
    can any one help me pls
    i did reinstal two time is same problem

  10. John says:

    Please HELPPPPP

    – There is/are only black screen/s and no camera view – like Miawtwo was mentioned –

    It’s working on the PC – so the cams are working 100% but I can’t see them on the GV-iView 2.0 App –

    Anybody knows, what the problem is ?

  11. martin says:

    I had the black/blank screen issue. The fix was to enable the create JPEG/GIF option under JPG tab.

  12. Anthony says:

    Works Great

  13. Kensei says:

    MARt-innnnn! Thanks man, that fixed my black screen issue!!!!
    Create JPG in JPEG tab, Praise God fo sho!

  14. Edgar says:

    Take care! Put one IP(WIFI) or other in iphone! 3G OR wifi(BETHER). EASY!

  15. Chuck says:

    What is meant “Forward the following ports from your firewall to your Geovision Server…”? Does this require some sort of action?

    • Tiger Tom says:

      It means you visit your router settings and go to the section called Network Address Translations (NAT). There you can type in the required port one by one and link it to your dvr servers ip address on the network. In my case is my server and I typed in port 80 to be forwarded and saved

  16. johan says:

    hi ,
    I do demo whit my ipad , but it could be match better if the app is made for the immage quality of i pad . Is there a development forseen ?

  17. David says:

    I have to configure several times the app and I works fine for 8.3 geo ver but the last ver 8.4 has the problem of Ip/password error
    you can see a bug in the ptz protocols ( no protocols ) this versiones has other error i
    suggest to reinstall 8.2 or 8.3
    the system will work fine

  18. Sean C says:

    Hi… I have forwarded all ports listed in the instructions and have setup the actual software as instructed. Workes great when i’m in wifi but as soon as I go to 3g it’s a no go. RPD doesn’t work in either setup (wifi or 3g)… Please Help 🙂

    Using the latest Geovision 8.4 and GV-Iview software

  19. Scott says:

    Nothing worked, found the problem (for my situation anyway)! Was getting the “Conneciton Failed” error. None of anything I found on the forums worked. I am now up fully! Somewhere along the way, some upgrade or ? had inserted a space as the first character in the ip field on all my previous addresses in the IPhone Iview setup screen(s). Spaces were not very noticable, so missed it the first few times. The space gave me the Conneciton Failed error at two Geo locations/computers after upgrades, now all working. I retype the entire IP address making sure there is nothing preceeding the address, including a blank space. If you have the Connection error, this might solve it. I have seen no other references to this on any Geo or IPhone forums.

    fixed my 2.1.1 no connection using 8.33.

  20. Colin says:

    For South African users on M-WEB:
    Assuming that you have set up the server exactly as above and you still get Conneciton Failure!

    Your ports 80 and 8080 are blocked,but you can unblock 8080.

    1. Log into:
    2. Log in with your adsl username/password.
    3. Click on My Adsl
    4. Click on ADSL protected access
    5. Disable protected access.
    6. Log out.

    Then:In your Geovision software,click on the Network button> click network port information>click + on Webcam Server>double click HTTP port-Now change this to 8080-tick and exit.
    Restart Multicam by start-up settings.

    Now get into your router’s setup and forward port 8080 to your Geovision DVR’s IP as usual.
    Restart the router.

    Now use: to check that port 8080 is actually open.
    If it is,then you are nearly home!
    In GViView alter the hostname or IP address in the IP field to have the suffix:8080

  21. mmoore says:

    Does this give a live view or just a snapshot.

  22. Vikrant Singh says:

    Specify port 80 or any other one on which Geovision is running when specifying the domainname or public ip in GV-iView as below –

    port: 8866
    ID: XXXX
    Pwd: XXXX


  23. john says:

    thank you for all of your informations i was able to view it in my i phone not till i went outside the wifi area. 4g connection not even working for me to connect. any suggestions? is this something to do with my dsl provider? firewall? Thank you

  24. Thank you! Why there would be no instructions to open the other ports is silly…Live View working perfectly! Wasted 2 hours on setup and troubleshooting before I got to this point. Thank you thank you thank you!

  25. tony says:

    hi i connected my ipad out of my office any wifi but in my office is not working .
    i don’t know why in my office is not working …
    and 3g connection is too slow i uesing the verizone service.
    plz help.

  26. Kurt says:

    When i login with an android device, i get all three cameras at the house however if i use the same account on an iphone i only get one of the three at random. Any ideas?

  27. JOHN says:

    I had my unit working fine remotely on Iphone and inhouse, but then the other day it stopped – I could not acess from iphone or live view on network. I checked my ports using port tester and I get error on all ports like thier not there. I checked routers setting correct- comcast also checked then replaced not that, setting on Geovsion all correct but dvr board is not sending back through ports? I rebooted it once it started to work all ports opened up but got ip/password error then it quit. Now i am back to no open ports.This thing is very frustrating.


  28. Ben says:

    My hat is off to you sir – your directions solved my problem. A very fine bit of trouble-shooting and possibly port-sniffing must have gone in to reverse engineering how to setup iView properly. From many hours reading various FAQ’s and other mess, it was great to finally find the missing ports that resolved my problem. Thank you again!

  29. Elias says:

    Hey guys, hoping you can help.

    I am trying to help my brother to view his cameras remotely through his IPHONE with no success. Here’s the set up he got:

    1-Giovision program on one of his PC’s at work with 8 cameras
    2-2 WIRE MODEM
    3-Static IP
    4-GV-iView (latest version on Iphone)
    5- Ports 80 and 8866 are open (tested ok)
    6-RPB works remotely from his IPHONE but live view does not(getting connection failed)
    7-Wifi connection works fine when he uses the modem IP to view the cameras (Live or RPB)

    I followed the exact setup by Mike Waldron with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  30. Roger says:

    My live view was working over the LAN but could not connect on my iPhone 5 over AT&T 4G network.
    This is what worked for me.
    Follow the instructions at the top of this page BUT also try this.
    1st I changed port 80 on the Server Tab to another port. Port 80 was being blocked even though I had forwarded it in my Firewall.
    Use the free internet tool and test your ports to see if they are blocked.
    2nd. Find the ip address of your router, not the address the software is loaded on or the address of your phone. It’s the router address you want.
    3rd On your Live View app on your smart phone enter the address of the router but at the end of the address add a colon and the new http port you assigned in the server tab I talked about in step one. Example
    If you don’t add the colon x x x x Port 80 is the default. You don’t want to use port 80 if it’s being blocked and then you Live View will not work.
    That’s it. That worked for me . Pretty easy once you know what to do.

  31. Naveed says:

    Alrighty Finally got the live view to work. Guys just follow the instruction on top of this page to open up all ports to your geovision server.

    1.Make sure the ssl is off on your Geovision server tab.
    2. Most important make sure that your Geovision server is not open to SSL port 443 from outside (Check your firewall settings for that)

    I think Geovision app defaults it to SSL port 443 (Just a guess).

    Anyway if this helps anybody Please let us know so we can nail this problem down for everyone else also.


  32. Hadi says:

    I get where your saying server setup .. but how do I get there what’s the steps on getting to that area, am having same problem with connection failed

  33. claudio says:

    geovision gv800 don´t work iphone 5

  34. Dtek says:

    Very informative info here. I have been struggling with GV-aView and iView for quite some time and finally got it working on both. One thing I will add to this is that the geohttp server MUST run on port 80 for the mobile client to work. using any other port will produce the “invalid Ip/password” in iView and an error about wrong server version in aView. got it running with aView 1.3.1 and iView 2.3.2 with dvr/nvr 8.5.7

  35. Raj says:

    I did exactly how it was told and everything is woe eking but only when I’m connected to the same wifi connection as the geo vision. If I try to connect from my cell phone lte or other wifi it says connection failed.. What am I doing wrong ? Any suggestion plz

  36. Garner says:

    I did ALL the port programming and couldn’t get it to work. Then I found this . . .

    NOTE – If you are using the Supervisor level account for the v8.5.9 software, make sure that your password length is equal to or longer than your username length.

    As SOON as I did that, BAM! It worked.

  37. Ivey says:

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  38. can not get my geovision system to work what could be wrong?

  39. my geovision card and camera is not working. I believe the software does not give a complete install

  40. Tom says:

    After trying everything here, I have found out why I can connect “on site” but not away from site. When I set this up I used the “LAN IP” which I got from “msconfig”. This is the routers IP address but not the “internet address”. So, while on site I was connecting through the router but once I left I could not connect anymore because I was off the router. The solution was to go to the computer the dvr cards were installed to and fire up firefox and go to “” to get my internet ip. I then changed the ip address in the GV-Iview to the new IP and all works fine.

  41. Tiger Tom says:

    I am running the most recent version and GV-EYE
    The newest GV-EYE has two ports
    PORT: 56000 (Which is the Mobile streaming Port default)
    WEB PORT: 80 (Default http port)
    Username: admin
    Password: your password for the admin account, must be an admin account and not just the admin user but any admin account,.

    You must open the ports on your router and forward them to your server dvr box ip address.
    You must also make sure the ports are open in the firewall on the server dvr box hosting
    If you use an external live ip address then you have to disable the Wi-Fi network connection on your cellphone
    If you desire an internal network connection using a ip addres on the same network as the DVR then remain on the Wi-Fi network.

  42. Tiger Tom says:

    Also make sure Webcam and CCS is running on the server dvr software

  43. Charlie Secaucus says:

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  44. Wow! Can not believe that NOWHERE does it say even in MANUAL!! TO OPEN THE OTHER PORTS LISTED 4550 & 5550! Thank you so much for this AMAZING STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS!!

  45. John says:

    The fix for me was to create a new username and password (both with 8 characters), then I was able to connect with GV-iView on the iPhone. I had no problem connecting from a PC with other shorter usernames or passwords using Multiview.

    • John says:

      And as mentioned in other threads, forward the ports 80, 4550, 5550, 5511, 8866 in your router. I like to name each one of the forwared ports Geo1, Geo2, Geo3, etc… so they are easily identified.

  46. Kuljit Randhawa says:

    I have used GV-iview for 3 years. Yesterday i updated my iphone and surviellence stopped to work. ITs not compatibel with the new updates. I tried with the new app-GV-Eye, using th same webport 80 and port 8866 but still not working. Any suggestion please to resolve the problem?

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