After installing BES Express last night, I went to activate my first user and could not get it working.  I tried a “wired” activation using the user web console as well as an “OTA” activation.  The ETA.DAT Blackberry activation e-mail would just sit there in the user’s box and not get picked up.  Also, the OTA activation would just hang at “Activating”.  The wired activation would return a “contact your administrator” text in red when you try to activate that way.

After researching a bit, I ran IEMSTest.exe from the \RIM\BB\Utility\ folder.

It failed with:

BESAdmin: No Send As permission for the {DOMAIN\besadmin} account operator.

Also I received this error in my BBAS-AS Logfile in RIM\BB\Logs after trying to activate a user:

com.rim.bes.bas.besutilityaccess.DeviceActivationJNIException: JBeginActivation::ProvisionUser Provision user failed [sourcefile = c:\ec_build\besxp_5.0.1\6280\bx_adminservice\source\enterprise\bas \server\nativeutil\src\core\main\cpp\basbesutil\src\jbeginactivation.cpp line=286]

I fixed the IEMSTest issue by doing the following:

  1. Implement the Microsoft KB 907434 by applying this script (click to download) to your BES server. Replace YOURDOMAIN with your AD domain (don’t forget to change the extension if you are .net, .local) and replace BESAdminAccountNameHere with your BESAdmin account.  You may need to remove the domain\ from the last line if you are not using a domain account for your BES server as I am.  You have to perform this step as Windows server will reset the permissions you are setting in the following steps automatically without this fix.
  2. Open Active Directory Users & Computers
  3. Enable Advanced Features in AD (View, Advanced Features)
  4. Double-click (open) your BESAdmin user
  5. Security tab
  6. Add the BESAdmin user to the Security tab giving Send As, Receive As – this is in addition to the defaults that were in there.

My IEMSTest.exe works now and I was able to get my users activated over the air.

My environment: Exchange 2003 Standard running on Windows 2003 Server Domain Controller

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8 Responses to Cannot activate user in Blackberry BES Express, IEMSTest.exe fails with Send As account operator error, Provision User Failed

  1. iqbal says:

    I face the same problem, and trying your solution.
    Does it take sometime to take its impact?


  2. […] for the {DOMAINbesadmin} account operator”. Nach weiteren Google Recherchen kam ich auf diese Lösung, wobei das Script dann so […]

  3. I was having these same problems. I tried the steps above but it still wasn’t working. After some more searches I saw other people having unrelated problems that were caused by cdo.dll. On my server it never registered. Once I registered the cdo.dll file, everything worked perfectly.

  4. Joost says:

    I ran into the same problems. As I noticed the Send As permissions in Active Directory were intact, I looked further for a solution.
    I finally found I had not applied SP2 to the Exchange 2003 System Management tools. When I corrected this, activation worked fine. The error message regarding send-as running IEMSTest.exe remained, however……

  5. […] for the {DOMAINbesadmin} account operator”. Nach weiteren Google Recherchen kam ich auf diese Lösung, wobei das Script dann so […]

  6. zone says:

    Thanks for this post. saved me alot of time and result was it fixed the issue for me.
    thanks again!

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