After a recent reboot I found that my BES Express server was no longer communicating with devices.

My first dilemma was the Blackberry Controller Service wouldn’t start.  I got this in my controller log file:

[20000] (05/16 01:22:56.500):{0x147C} LogReceiver: Failed to bind a socket

That told me that there was a conflict with whatever port the controller was trying to grab.  After a little Googling I found that adding port 4070-4071 to the ReservedPorts TCP/IP registry key would fix this.  The Microsoft DNS service fights with BES for control of ephemeral ports which is a known situation.  Rebooted the computer and found that my devices were updating and the controller service started successfully.  However, my Application Server service kept shutting down every time I would attempt to access it, and could not enter the web administration interface.  I would ultimately get a connection timed out message.  I observed this in my system log:

Error: The BlackBerry Administration Service – Application Server service terminated unexpectedly.
It has done this 1 time(s).  The following corrective action will be taken in 60000 milliseconds: Restart the service.

And this in my BBAS logs:

(05/17 19:34:43:369):{main} [org.jboss.system.ServiceController] [WARN] Problem starting service jboss.cache:service=BASObjectVersioningCache
org.jgroups.ChannelException: failed to start protocol stack

I eventually found the fix here at the Blackberry support forums, which is to add an additional range of reserved ports for the Application Service:

Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
Locate and then click the following subkey:
Right-click ReservedPorts, and then click Modify.
Paste the following at the bottom.

Restart the server.

Once you go to the web admin, you will think its not going to work but hang tight, give it a few seconds and you will be surprised!!

Here’s what my ReservedPorts looks like after my two fixes (ignore the first three lines which were already there in my environment):

I don’t know how this person picked these ports (maybe spoke with support?)… but it DID indeed fix the problem for me.

My environment: Windows 2003 Server / Domain Controller / Exchange Server 2003 Standard

9 Responses to Blackberry Application Server Service Terminated Unexpectedly with BES Express

  1. Jason says:

    That worked great and solved my problem. Thank you

  2. Andrew says:

    I am also very grateful to whoever originally found this fix as it was driving me mad trying to discover why the BAS Service kept restarting (and leaving numerous log files every time!)

  3. Derek says:

    This is not limited to BES Express. I upgraded BES 5.0.1 to BES 5.0.2 and ran into the same problem. I added the reserved ports and restarted the DNS Server service (a server reboot is overkill, only the service needs restarted), and my problem was remedied. Thanks so much for the post! 🙂

  4. Solution worked. Stop/Start services in following order to avoid reboot.

    Stop-> DNS Server
    Stop-> BAS-AS
    Start-> DNS Server
    Start-> BAS-AS
    Wait 1 minute for system to “adjust”
    Attempt to access the BES Admin page

  5. Dave says:

    This fix worked for me. After re-running the 5.0.2 install in order to change the location of the SQL database, I started having this exact trouble. I’m now running 5.0.2 MR4 plus the January 2011 security updates. After this Tcpip port fix, things are running fine again.

    Thank you!

  6. Matt says:

    Thanks for the post. This worked for me.

  7. Egbert Chwatal says:

    That worked great and solved my problem. The Tipp from F1 Networx Inc. is also very useful to avoid reboot.

    Thank you from Germany.

  8. Tom says:

    Wow..that worked awesome! Thanks guys for your help and the reboot process from F1

  9. Chris says:

    pure efficiency – 15 sec and all is working.
    Great Job !

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