Mystified how to move your Hackintosh to a shiny, new, big-ass hard disk?   Let me show you the light my friend – No terminal commands required!

Note that this tutorial does not address booting from MBR or dual booting Windows on the SAME hard disk.  I run Windows in a dual boot configuration, but I do it from an additional/physically separate hard drive.

1.  Connect your new hard disk to your Hackintosh via USB (enclosure) or directly via SATA.

2.  Load “Disk Utility” from Utilities on your Hackintosh and Partition your new Hard Drive.  I recommend creating a single partition formatted with “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”.  Make sure “GUID Partition Table” is selected in “Options”.

3.  Clone your disk: Download and Install SuperDuper.  Run SuperDuper, selecting your source and destination drives.  Then hit “Copy Now”.  In my example below “Time Machine” would be the new, destination hard disk and “1TB” being the source disk.  The copy process will take a while.

4.  YOU ARE NOT DONE YET!  Now you must make the new disk bootable.

BEST OPTION!: Run MultiBeast or the Chimera Stand-alone installer, point it to your the new disk from step 3 (in the example below that is “OSX-SSD”) and select the install for Chimera bootloader.


Option 2: Download and Run the Chameleon RC2 Packaged Installer and point it to your new disk during the install process.  In this example, we’d be making the “Time Machine” disk bootable.

Do you need or want a NEWER Chameleon release? Do this: Run step 4.  Then: Download the desired Chameleon release and replace the “boot” file in the root of your new drive (i.e. RC4 which has no packaged GUI installer).

5.  Remove your old hard disk and replace with the new disk.  Boot up and you should be good to go!  

NOTE: If you are using a USB enclosure for cloning, DO NOT TRY to boot your new installation from the USB drive.  IT WILL MOST LIKELY NOT WORK and you will get a “boot 1: error” in Chameleon!  You are not crazy and your clone is NOT BROKEN.  Simply remove the hard disk from the enclosure placing it directly connected to your system via SATA.

I recommend leaving your original “source” disk untouched and in a safe location for a week (just in case your new hard disk isn’t reliable or breaks, you can swap in your old disk).

19 Responses to Cloning a Hackintosh to a New Hard Disk Drive in 5 Easy Steps

  1. matt mac says:

    i used carbon copy cloner works much better i kept getting an error when trying to wipe the drive using super duper so yeah ccc and install the cameleon patch and your GOOD TO GO thanks for this!!!!

  2. Devon says:

    Worked like a charm! Thanks!

  3. PPC says:

    You don’t need Chimera. The cloned drive will already be bootable.

  4. C says:

    I prefer Carbon Copy Cloner for cloning my Hackintosh hard drive. Because, you know, it’s free.

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  6. HackintoshSinceBoot132 says:

    Strange thing happening for me I’m getting boot0 error when I try to boot the cloned drive in an external USB case but when I move the drive to the internal SATA connection it boots fine? I’m an experienced hackintosh builder so I’ve done all the routine fixes for boot0 error. The drive is older so its not a 4k issue and I marked the cloned drive as active using fdisk in terminal. Like I said it boots fine when installed internally but when I put it in any USB case I get the boot0 error any ideas?

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  8. […] you to install the bootloader straight from the desktop, just follow this guide if you are usure:…rd-disk-drive/ As I promised, I have bought a silent PSU and enhanced case. I can now actually hear the Time […]

  9. PJ Blest says:

    Hi Guys, I need some help with my cloning. I’ve been trying different ways how to clone my 250 Barracuda into a 3Tb Barracuda. I’m running OSX Lion 10.7.5 and used Super Duper and CCC with and w/o Multibeast, Chimera, Chameleon and in all cases I’m getting:

    Boot0: GPT
    Boot0: Test
    Boot0: Test
    Boot0: GPT
    Boot0: Test
    Boot0: Test
    Boot0: error

    I tried my 250 hdd in my another PC 2.89 Intel Core 2 duo, 4 Ram and works perfect but this 3Tb does the same issue in this other PC. I resized it to 1 Tb and left second partition with 2tb and same problem, let 2nd partition in blank and same annoying problem. Ahhhhhh… Help…!!!!

  10. sean says:

    This didn’t work for me… Im trying CCC

  11. sean says:

    Used CCC but after using SuperDuper so my guess from the time it took to clone with CCC it just changed a few files and then it worked… done!

  12. Adam says:

    Worked perfect for me. I tried using CCC by itself (prior to reading this) and was unsuccessful.

    I know many have used this successfully and didn’t leave feedback so I thought I would say thank you!

  13. neon says:

    I was rocking snow leopard with chameleon for years. Hackintosh 4evah. In an attempt to engage in preventive maintenance, got a new hard drive and super-dupered the working one. Would not boot — (verifying DMI data pool hang). However, (only) if both drives were installed, i could select the new drive from the list (at loader prompt) and it worked. So i kept using it for a while, but then I did a simple upgrade and now things are being weird. Trying to fix it right — thought surely I must be doing something wrong. The only thing I did differently from this list was I didn’t do step 4 (multibeast). Forgive my ignorance, but why do I need this? And will it work with my old school (2009) chameleon install? Is it that the drive sizes have changed? What exactly is multibeast/chimera?

    Much thanks

    • Mike Waldron says:

      The MultiBeast step loads Chimera which is the newest fork of Chameleon. Chimera/Chameleon IS the boot loader. Without it, the hard drive won’t boot a Hackintosh. So simply download MultiBeast (or the Chimera standalone) from tonymacx86, point the destination installation to your NEW drive and that should be it… you will be able to boot from that drive.

      • neon says:

        That was quick — thanks Mike. So when I superdupered the working drive, I would have thought it would have copied everything exactly as before. There must be more to it. Is there some sort of hard drive identifier?

        I will try what you suggested right now.


        • Mike Waldron says:

          Superduper doesn’t copy Chimera or the boot loader. This is why it has to be manually applied to the new drive. While your SuperDuper clone would work for a real Mac, Hackintoshes need a 3rd party BL.

          • neon says:

            Ah. Well that did something. No longer hangs @ verifying DMI Pool Data, but now gives same message as PJ reported above. That is,

            Boot0: GPT
            Boot0: Test
            Boot0: Test
            Boot0: GPT
            Boot0: Test
            Boot0: Test
            Boot0: error

            I’ll keep hacking

          • neon says:

            OK, will just in case someone is reading this… It looks like a common problem. My disk is too big. The 4k issue.


            But you don’t need a USB … u just need another drive that can boot OSX.
            Then unmount the drive you are wanting to fix.
            Get that silly boot1h file (from Chimera) and use the ass-old dd command.
            Then boot from the now fixed drive.

  14. Pawelj4 says:

    I cloned with “Acronis True Image” with option “Sector by Sector”. Next rebooted cloned disk with Hackintosh installation USB and in “Disk Utility” used “Repair Disk Permission”, next “Repair Disk” and on “Partition” resize partition. Reboot and all is O.K.

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