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On October 6, 2010, in Projects, Technology, by Mike Waldron

Recently I had a dilemma with a very small client and a D-Link DIR-655 router.  In very rare circumstances, the D-Link would timeout incoming PPTP sessions for certain remote environments.  This happened with my Mac connecting via DigiTunnel, but not from a Windows machine on my same network.  Also one of their remote sales guys has the same issue behind a 2Wire gateway from AT&T UVerse.  It would time him out after just a few minutes of connectivity if his connection went idle.  I didn’t want to force the client to get another high-end device such as a Sonicwall, as the D-Link is working great other than this problem.

The solution was to invent a neat little batch file that will keep the VPN alive by initiating a ping, and displaying a status window for the end user.  It’s a ghetto solution but hey, it works.

To use this script, simply place in a folder or your choosing, create a shortcut for your user with a neat title like “VPN Keepalive” with a pretty icon like so:

keepalive.bat 15

The red is the IP address (hostnames are not supported).
The green is the refresh period for user status (screen refresh).

Problem solved.

Download the script here

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3 Responses to VPN Keepalive Batch File

  1. jon says:

    Sorry for the noob question, I am not familiar with batch scripting. Where in the script do you add the IP and time limit?

  2. Mike Waldron says:

    You don’t add it in the script… you just execute it like

    C:> keepalive.bat x.x.x.x 15

    No need to modify the script! Hope it helps

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