A client of mine has eight Verizon FIOS analog lines that are delivered to two Avaya IP Office analog ATM4 trunk cards. All of their calls are picked up/answered live, so no attendant pickup during working hours.  We deliver these analog calls to a hunt group to ring several users in the front office.

Because of a very specific issue with FIOS handling of caller ID in combination with IP office analog cards, the following occurs:

  • The analog port, set to Loop Start ICLID picks up the ring.
  • The call is delivered directly to a “main” hunt group.
  • If a member of the hunt group picks up the call on the second ring, they will hear a loud buzzing/flutter for 1 second.  It sounds like this (recorded from speakerphone).  The sound is inaudible to the remote caller, FYI.

There is no real “fix” per se without completely disabling caller id on the carrier or IPO side, but there is a workaround which requires Embedded Voicemail, Voicemail Lite, or Voicemail Pro by utilizing “announcements.”

  • Enable Announcements for your “main” hunt group (or extension if not using hunt groups), but don’t record one.
  • Set announcement wait time to 0
  • Set post announcement tone to “Ringing”
  • Turn off 2nd and repeat announcements.

Because the call is picked up by the attendant and then routed, the crackle usually heard by the person picking up the call is intercepted by the “fake” attendant announcement.  Note that this workaround will occupy a single VM channel for about .5 secs when the call is picked up.  Also, caller ID continues to work well with the fix above.

Yet another alternative is to disable caller ID at the Verizon side, or set your IP Office analog lines to “Loop Start” with no CID.  Of course this will disable caller ID which is usually a dealbreaker in this day and age.

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