If you are receiving the “Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account.” error after upgrading to 10.7.2 on your Hackintosh when attempting to logon to iCloud, you most likely just need to update your Chameleon or Chimera to the latest (I recommend Chimera).

Chimera can be found here from tonymacx86.

For me, just the Chimera update fixed my logon problems.  However, if the Chimera update does not solve your issues, you may have an issue with your built in network interfaces or a bad serial number.  If you cannot logon to iCloud after the Chimera update, try the following to reset your network settings on your Hackintosh:

1. Remove all network devices from System Preferences > Network.  It should look like this when you are done (and you will have no Internet access until completing the next steps):

2. If they don’t exist, add the following lines to the <dict> section of your boot plist in /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist (for newer versions of Chameleon/Chimera):


Others have reported that you need to add the following lines as well, but I don’t have them present and my iCloud works:


My <dict> portion of my com.chameleon.Boot.plist looks like this:

	<key>Kernel Flags</key>
	<key>Legacy Logo</key>


3. Delete /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist

4. Delete /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.network.identification.plist

5. Reboot your computer.  Both the files deleted above will be automatically recreated.

6. Go back to System Preferences > Network and add your network devices, STARTING with Ethernet type as the first Ethernet interface (do not use WiFi as the first interface!).


After you hit “Apply”, your top interface should be the wired interface at en0:

Hopefully your iCloud and App Store is working at this point.

If you are still having issues (most likely due to a bad system type/serial):

Download and run Multibeast for Lion and update your system definition (Customization, System Definitions):

For good measure here’s my System Report so you can compare your system type, etc.:

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24 Responses to “Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account” on Hackintosh FIXED!

  1. Umesh says:

    I am using Windows 7 Ultmate Operating system. But I am unable to use Icloud. when I am trying to login using Apple ID, it sayd Apple ID is correct bu its not iCloud account. Can you help me out how to create iCloud Account in Windows 7 Operating System.

  2. Kv4513 says:

    Still can,t login to iCloud after this

    Laptop hackintoch workshop fine
    Desktop hackintosch cant log in


  3. Nitrus says:

    Worked for me! Thanks!

  4. mediascape says:

    This didn’t work for me, I tried everything – updating, changing the serial number, deleting network.plists etc – every way out there and still NO JOY.

  5. Mike Waldron says:

    I updated the post to include the total/deletion and recreation of network interfaces which other have had success with.

  6. mediascape says:

    still NO JOY, I also have no option for adding ethernet – I’m using a wifi usb dongle – USBWireless

    how do I add this my in my network settings?

  7. Pyrofallout says:

    Worked perfectly after MultiBeast. Thanks so much!

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  9. Edward Cook says:

    I followed all these steps. However, when I get to step 6, the drop-down menu choice for me is “PCI Ethernet Slot 4” – not “Ethernet.” Is there a way around this? (this is because my ethernet ports are dead on my Mac Pro and I am using a PCI card).

  10. jay says:

    after definition update, the problem fixed for me. give it a shot for the first try.

  11. Mike Waldron says:

    @Edward Cook – Just go ahead and add your “PCI Ethernet Slot 4” as the first en0 interface and see if it works. But since you are using a real Mac Pro, you could call Apple support for an answer… and let us know what that was.

  12. Manthan says:

    App store is working fine but iCloud shows this error:(
    This device is no longer eligible for creating an Apple ID.

  13. Michelle says:

    I just bought a new Ipad. I’m trying to get this cloud thing and I’m getting this error. I’ve looked all over the place for instructions to request an iCloud account. Nothing…. anywhere.

    I’m on a PC Windows 7. What’s all these lions, chimeras and bears? Oh my! I’ve found nothing on any of this that makes sensee. The instructioins just seem to say “Enjoy this service.” Huh?


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  15. […] didn't done it already. After all you said that they are showing correctly in System Profiler. “Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account” on Hackintosh FIXED! //intel dx58so//intel core i7 920//6gb ddr3 1600 corsair//9800GT 1gb ddr3 gigabyte//1tb […]

  16. balam says:

    thanks chimeras update do the trick

  17. Lou says:

    Works for me after installing the ethernet driver! Thanks!

  18. blackLion says:

    I have done exactly as you mentioned.
    It doesn’t work for me. So sad… 🙁

  19. coolOrc says:

    Hi Mike. On Lion 10.7.3 nothing worked to get iCloud running, but PCIRootUID=1 did the trick! Great manual. Thanks.

  20. coolOrc says:

    Hi Mike. Nothing worked on Lion 10.7.3 to get iCloud working, but PCIRootUID=1 did the trick! Thanks for your directions.

  21. Hollow_Man says:

    Works for me on 10.7.4 with just the removing of files and remove all network devices then restart and re adding Network as first device.
    Thanx a million :0) love my hack mac.

  22. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh says:

    I’d previously generated a new serial for my smbios.plist but was still getting the “unable to sign in because of a problem communicating with icloud” error. Deleting the network interfaces and preference files worked for me on 10.8.1! I added the Ethernet interface first (not plugged in) and then WifFi (which I’m using to connect to the internet). Thanks!

    GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 F12; i5-2200K; 8GB; 9800GT; 10.8.1

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