NAD-2902 on a Motorola NVG510 with AT&T UVerse IP DSL

On February 15, 2012, in Technology, by Mike Waldron

You probably found this page by Googling “NAD-2902” error.  I have a client who just had business-grade IP DSL (UVerse) from AT&T installed and received the following message when randomly browsing the web:

Potential Connection Issue (Message ID: NAD-2902)

The Motorola NVG510 device has detected potential problems with your DSL connection which may impact your service. This problem is often caused by a phone or other device which is connected to your phone line (such as a fax machine, satellite receiver, alarm system or medical monitor) that does not have a DSL filter.

Please check that all telephone equipment is attached to a DSL filter and that all filters are properly installed (e.g., are not installed backwards).

Click the “Do not show” button to permanently disable this warning in the future.

Click on the “Continue” button to notify you in the future if this situation persists.

After talking to AT&T tech support, it turns out this error is a false-positive.  The tech I spoke with says this error even occurs with dry-line IP DSL which doesn’t require filters.  The engineers at AT&T are aware of the issue and unfortunately there is no fix at present, but they expect to roll out a firmware update in the very near future to rectify this (as of 2/15/12).

When the client complained about the error, I was still able to access the client’s VPN and their e-mail was still flowing… so the circuit indeed was still up and unaffected.  Investigating the logs I found that the line had not disconnected once.  I had them click the “Do Not Show” button…. but then, problem #2 arose:

The browser will cache the NAD-2902 page for whatever site the end user was trying to bring up at the time the error was presented.  As a temporary work-around I have set Internet Explorer’s caching settings for systems behind this circuit to not check “Automatically” for new pages, but to check on every start up of Internet Explorer as shown below.  This setting can be accessed in Tools, Internet Options, Browsing History Settings, and changing the “Temporary Internet Files” check to “Every time I start Internet Explorer” or “Every time I visit the webpage”.  So god forbid, you get the error, you simply close IE, reload and you should be good to go.

Nice work AT&T!  (Insert sarcasm here)



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  1. Annaliese says:

    THANK YOU. I have been receiving this message every time I restart my router (I’ve been having a unbelievable amount of trouble doing something as simple a port forwarding on my Motorola NVG510 Router to allow Xbox Live to work as it should – problems which still are not resolved). It’s nice to see that at least one of my woes with AT&T’s products and services are, for all intents and purposes, solved (and not related to the issue I’m having now!)

  2. SpringIsInTheAir says:

    I’ve posted a probable fix for this problem on the following AT&T forum page, see message #8. Nothing else worked for me including your post for this.

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks for this but it didn’t work for me. The AT&T techs on the phone have no clue what they are talking about…EVER. I didn’t even know that everyone with this modem was having this problem until I encountered it so much that I decided to look online and saw there are tons of people with the same problems. I asked a tech when I had to call this morning and they said there was no such problem and just to restart my modem. I am to the point where I will pay just to end my contract with them.

    • Latoya says:

      Turn off your computer ….Push the reset button on your manin modem box using a pen for a maximum of 5 seconds that should do it

  4. Paul says:

    Problem: You get the following error.

    Potential Connection Issue (Message ID: NAD-2902)


    It turns out that i’s a bug that motorola is aware of for NVG510 and is releasing a fix.

    I talked to Ron from Arizona and he told me to close my browser, then open it. You will get the error message again. What you do is click on “Do not show” button twice. This should fix it.

    Everytime your modemn restarts, you will have to do this.

    It’s great that ATT still have support from US soil. It’s really difficult talking to people overseas. ATT, please continue to have support staff in US.

    If you like this solution, please like my website

  5. kavit says:

    i think i found the problem when you change you wireless key of the nvg510 modem WPA default to something else it will give NAD errors all kind do just reset your modem to factory default and i might fix your problem too

  6. Jan says:

    Well, I’m joining the not-so-exclusive club of AT&T UVerse Internet users who are having this problem. I tried to get them to send me a different model of router/modem, but they said that they couldn’t. I’ve seen posts for up to a couple of years I think, about this problem, so apparently Motorola is not working very hard on a firmware solution. I have a very simple setup. no gaming system or anything. Just the land line and the modem on the filter. btw, I’ve never changed my wireless key, and I don’t even know what port forwarding and bridge mode are. the problem happens out of the blue and sometimes, the “do not show”/clear cache works, sometimes rebooting the router works, and sometimes nothing works but it magically works the next day. I hope that if they do have a fix, that they will either push it out, or notify all Uverse users on how to get it. I’m going to look into Time Warner (whom I hate) and even Direct TV, but I don’t even want TV…just internet. Arrrrrgggghhhh! Good luck everyone! and thanks for all of the suggestions!

  7. Miko says:

    I get this error all the time, and the only solution is to turn the modem off, then on again. Clicking “Do not show” does not work. Clearing the cache doesn’t work.

    What does work sometimes: leaving the “www” prefix off the URL, as that forces a reload. So if your bookmark is “” type in “” and the page may load.

    I never get the error with https, only http.

    Motorola modems have been hideous for years. When using ATT 2005-2008, I had to reset the modem almost daily. At a new residence, I got ATT service and a new modem, and the same problem happened, so I switched to Speakeasy, and it worked perfectly with the Speakeasy modem. Now I’m at a third residence with a new ATT modem, and the same annoying false error is back.

    Since the error appends “cgi-bin/ipdiags.ha” to the url, I wonder if deleting that file would help.

  8. brijen says:

    I found that i had an alarm system hooked into the phone line so i unplugged the alarm systems power supply and i was able to connect again with the message nad- 2902

  9. Bill says:

    I had this issue, don’t bother calling ATT, they are no help. Go to

    The command you need to enter via Telnet is:
    set mgmt.lan-redirect.enable off

    then verify, apply, save – problem permanently solved (knock on wood)

  10. Jayfray says:

    I get it no matter what. On every tech that accesses the Internet. My Apple TV stopped connecting
    When the problem arose. Yes i clicked do not show doesnt matter it comes back. This is another problem on the pile of crap AT&T has Shoveled my direction,
    I’m switching to Comcast.

  11. austin says:

    The permanent fix for this issue is to have att send you a motorola 2210 ipdsl modem and use your own router, but you have to specify you want the ipdsl motorola 2210 piggyback your router behind it and youll never ever have this issue ever again EVER EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jack mausolf says:

    I also am having problems connecting via internet explorer while connection is ok with I called ATT and worked with them for an hour and they said since my computer is 4 years old they could set me up with a computer expert who would quote me a price to have it fixed. I talked with AOL and we went through lots of tests, and they said it’s not on there end. to look up this web site and figure it out myself and to recall U Verse..

  13. Daniel Powell says:

    I in-laws have been having this error and here’s what I did today:
    1) Logged in remotely via TeamViewer, saw the error on the screen clicked don’t show again.. didn’t help
    2) Tried to go to, got error, but I’ve got that error in the past on their computer for that page and never cleared cache.
    3) Restarted firefox and repeated step 2 with same result.
    4) Tried playing facebook games the in-laws were having issues with and the games didn’t work for me neither.
    5) Set Firefox to delete cache when exited, then restarted Firefox.
    6) Went to and it took me to their site finally (14mbps/1mbps).
    7) Tried facebook games that were not working and they worked.

    Now obviously the broadband was working at the time of the errors because I was logged in remotely.

    For this to to have fixed their problem, the error page or redirect response had to be cached, which is a very stupid thing for the Motorola developers not to put NO-CACHE in the headers that are redirecting so browsers will not cache the responses.

    I can understand that clearing cache may not work for everyone, nor all the time, but it certainly is worth the few minutes of effort because it resolves an issue where the error message persists longer than it should.

    If you read the error, there are perfectly valid times when the message SHOULD appear, problem is that when you resolve the issue, or the broadband connectivity is restored automatically, you continue to get the error when it should NOT appear because the redirect response is cached.

  14. Doug says:

    I have heard that I can just buy any adsl2+ modem and it will work with Uverse and take care of the problem. Does anyone know of the validity of this claim?

  15. Will says:

    Actually, you cannot use just any adsl2+ modem because Uverse uses proprietary technology and requires AT&T Uverse modems (Motorola NVG510 or 2wire 3600/3800). I would try that Telnet command that was provided earlier if a hard reset doesn’t work.

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