Some USB Ports Not Working on Hackintosh – FIXED!

On August 2, 2012, in Technology, by Mike Waldron

I recently upgraded my Dell Precision 390 hack build to Mountain Lion.  Only 2 of the four USB ports were working in the rear, while in Lion they all worked fine.  Then I remembered that I almost always remove AppleHPET.kext from my Hackintosh builds.  Sure enough that was all it took.

Delete AppleHPET.kext (this is frequently a problematic kext when it comes to customac builds).
Ironically, I first found this fix way back in Leopard to fix slow USB speeds.

Using Finder, copy the Kext to the desktop or somewhere as a backup. Better be safe than sorry!
sudo rm -r /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHPET.kext

Make sure to update your kext cache as well.

All ports working – yay!

28 Responses to Some USB Ports Not Working on Hackintosh – FIXED!

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  2. Tony says:

    Trying to setup my first hackintosh on a Dell Precision 390 using unibeast. I am able to run through the installer, but when it reboots it doesn’t get all the way to the desktop. I can get to the desktop if I run in save mode. Any tips on getting the whole install to work? What installer did you use to install your hackintosh?

    • Darvinko says:

      Failure to complete the setup, but being able to do so in safe mode is almost always a kext issue. Boot with -v (verbose mode) to find out which kext is causing the issue and delete it. If you can then boot without using safe mode, you can try alternative kexts to replace the problem one.

  3. ike says:

    It works for me… Thanks alot alot alot…!!!!

  4. sam says:

    Deleting Hpet worked for me thanks lots…..

  5. taag says:

    thanks for the advise it worked for me!
    hp probook 6550b osx10.7.5

  6. Eliel says:

    wow!!!!! it works on my hackintosh running moutain Lion 10.8.5


    you rocks!!!!!

  7. Tony says:

    For some reason it doesn’t work with my hackintosh, it doesn’t boot now :/

  8. Ronald E. Wyatt says:

    You rock , thanks

  9. Rivers says:

    thank you, you bloody genious.
    this happened on my HP Dc7900 aswell. i could only get my usb working if i used the -f bootflag.

  10. Igor says:

    Radi Covece! Thanks A Lot!

  11. mscooter says:

    amazing !
    you are great dude! im on hp dv3, with 3 usb ports, only 1 worked.
    i was about to order a hub from ebay (ungainly for a laptop)

    thanks very much !

  12. batik pusat says:

    Work for my compaq cq42 on os x 10.8
    Only wifi and webcam not work yet can you help me

  13. edwin says:

    It definitely worked on my probook 6550b.

  14. P-J says:

    Awesome, Removing AppleHPET.kext worked for me too on Dell XPS 14z. Now I have USB2 and USB3 Ports.

  15. Johnie says:

    It worked for me . snow leopard 10.6.3 ( Hp dv-4 2191us) 2014-08-20 . Great Help brother

  16. Dinata says:

    Awesome, It worked pretty good after removing AppleHPET.kext for Yosemite 10.10.1 On Asus P8Z77-M Pro
    Thanks Guys for sharing

  17. Fernando says:

    Tanks man. You save my week.

  18. Natalya says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing. On my HP6710b with Snow 10.6.6 I’ve been bugged with only two out four USB ports working, and slowly as well at just USB1 speed. After removing AppleHPET.kext from S/L/E and fixing the boot cache, I’ve got all four USB ports working at High Speed USB2. Magic!

  19. Jack says:

    Excuse me, I am new and I really don’t know how to find the kext file. Teach me pls, thank you.

  20. Nico Herrera says:

    /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHPET.kext and delete… Update your kext cache as well.

  21. Rony says:

    doesn’t work on el capitan on Asus Vivobook S550.
    After deleting the kext the keyboard and mousepad stopped working.After replacing it back the keyboard and mouse works again.
    I have 2 USB2 Ports only 1 works…

  22. Ala'a Taha says:

    Thanks a lot Mike

  23. Gagan says:

    you are the man!!!!

    please please also help fixing dell xps card reader n wifi

  24. Andreas says:

    It broke after an update of Sierra. Can confirm it works even for me (usually these quick fixes won’t work on my machines, always end up with bad luck…)

  25. gwwe rt says:

    I got Probook 6550b to work with High Sierra. Removing AppleHPET.kext does restore usb.

  26. dinesh kumar says:

    Awesome worked on my compaq 510 hachintosh yosimite 10.10

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