Scraping Your Cable Modem Statistics in Windows

On November 22, 2017, in Technology, by Mike Waldron

Having intermittent issues with your cable Internet service? Want to record your statistics page to help you troubleshoot? Look no further!

You can use my handy-dandy Windows stats page scraper batch file to log your stats every X seconds.

  • Download here:
  • Create a folder called “Scrape” on your desktop
  • Extract ZIP file the Scrape folder on your desktop (or anywhere you want, providing you change the batch file parameters at top)
  • In your Scrape folder you should have scrape.bat, wget.exe and a Logs folder.
  • Simply run the scrape.bat batch file.

The file is currently set to work with Arris modems, but simply change the modemurl parameter in the scrape.bat batch file to wherever you view your stats on your modem.

Parameters for use, on top of batch file.

set waittime=30
: Wait time between scrapes in seconds (used for timeout command)

set logpath=%userprofile%\Desktop\Scrape\Log
: Path to save your scrapes

set wgetpath=%userprofile%\Desktop\Scrape
: Path to WGET.exe

set modemurl=
: Modem URL for scraping. Set to Arris status page by default.

set modemname=Arris
: Appended to end of filename

set verbose=0
: Verbose 1 = yes, 0 = no. Will provide verbose wget output

Any questions or bugs found, leave a comment.


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